Adams well on road to recovery after surgery

Adams well on road to recovery after surgery

New Zealand World and Olympic champion shot putter Valerie Adams said she is around three weeks ahead of schedule in her recovery after knee and ankle surgery.

Adams said in her diary on the IAAF website that while surgery was never pleasant it was necessary to keep her on track for the future, and for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero especially.

However, her knee needed a good clean-up because of many years of overuse and weakening in her cartilage. She had a long-standing issue with her left ankle and an operation to chisel a piece of bone from the back of her ankle was also necessary.

She had surgery on both the knee and ankle on the same day and was back in the gym within a week.

While her competitive year in 2013 had been a success, she said it was tough physically and mentally.

"I struggled with a knee problem in the couple of months or so leading into the Moscow World Championships – the biggest competition of the year – I was probably at 90-95 percent. I had to overcome various niggles to win gold, but I'm always a fearsome competitor and have enormous pride in competing for my nation," she said.

Adams said her knee started playing up in late-May, early-June and she considered cutting her season short. However, she utilised her high pain threshold to get through.

"On the advice of my team here in New Zealand, and with the help of a Swiss knee specialist, I was given five shots of silicone which gave me some temporary cushioning in the knee," she said.

Her physio had also flown to see her three times in Switzerland.

"The knee injury forced me to alter a lot of training sessions, especially squats in the gym and every time I crouched in the back of the circle I was in pain. Yet I was able to work through this and achieve my goals for the season," she said.

With two weeks behind her in the gym she has been working on her upper body and doing resistance cardio workouts.

"I'm a person who loves to train. It is now just a case of being persistent and taking the recovery process one step at a time," she said.

Whether she attends the IAAF Gala in Monaco where the 2013 IAAF World Athlete of the Year awards, for which she is on the shortlist, will depend on her progress and what the medical experts say.

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