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DCE reveals why he had to walk out on Manly

DCE reveals why he had to walk out on Manly

Manly star Daly Cherry-Evans has revealed the moment he told teammates he was leaving and addressed rumours he was a much hated figure at the club.

Speaking on Sterlo on Fox Sports, the Sea Eagles No.7 also detailed how Manly had him and let him go, why he chose the Titans over Cronulla and goes into his alleged feud with Anthony Watmough and Glenn Stewart.   


Telling teammates he was gone

DCE waited until after Manly's season-opening loss to Parramatta before asking to address teammates in the dressing-room. He had some bad news to deliver.

"The timing wasn't ideal but win, lose or draw I needed it to come from me before it came from anyone else," he explained.

"I sat there for a minute and wondered if it was the right time but I knew it was going to come out through the media and I had to get in there first.

"I could think of nothing worse than teammates finding out from another source.

"They were overwhelming with their support. I can't remember who didn't shake my hand.

"They seemed genuinely happy that I'd made my mind up. They respected my decision and were happy for me as a friend."


The rumours that he if offside with teammates

Cherry-Evans is rumoured to be on the nose with teammates but it's news to the No.7. 

"It's a common misconception. I'm so happy where I am at Manly and a lot of that is to do with my teammates," he said.

I've received so much respect. We all support each other. I don't know where it's coming from and surely you couldn't think it's coming from inside the playing group because on a day-to-day basis I get on with everyone so well.

"It's quite confusing where it all stems from."       


Anger over Glenn Stewart's exit

DCE has read the stories blaming him for Stewart's emotional exit from Brookvale but again insists little has been said to his face. 

He declared: "No-one's told me their grief or anger so I've never felt uncomfortable around my teammates.

"I see this stuff in the media and wonder where it's coming from.

"I can't think that would be my teammates because they would come and approach me about it."


Upsetting Anthony Watmough

DCE does, however, understand Watmough's lingering anger.

"I understand where that came from. That was last year's business...the old management made decisions to move forward and move on certain players like him and Glenn.

"They felt that had a lot to do with the club trying to keep me. I don't think that's my fault personally but I can understand why they had some frustration and disappointment."


I was signed, sealed and delivered at Manly

Last October Cherry-Evans accepted a deal put to him, by the former Manly management.

But things quickly charged when a new regime was ushered in

"Yeah, it blows my mind. I was all but signed, sealed and delivered with Manly," DCE revealed.

"When I look back on that situation and how close I was to staying at the club on a long-term deal...things really did get flipped on its head.

"Management changed and the deal became restructured and I was given options to look elsewhere and that enticed me."


Gun to my head

Manly CEO Joe Kelly's controversial move to withdraw the club's contract offer last week left Cherry-Evans in no doubt where he stood.  

"With the contract being pulled, it really made my decision a lot easier to choose between two clubs instead of three," he said.

"I made the decision that I felt was best for me and my family with the options in front of me...the Titans and Cronulla offer.

Why the Gold Coast Titans over the Sharks?

He explained: "It was about happiness for my family. I feel as though the Titans ticked that box.

"I felt me and family could continue to be happy on the Gold Coast. I could also be closer to my mum and dad and that had a lot to do with it.

"(Cronulla was) very close. They were very accommodating but at the end of the day it was personal preference.

"They were well and truly in the race."


Being shopped around in public

Cherry-Evans admits contract negotiations could have been handled better, well away from the media glare. 

"I definitely understand it (the criticism). I felt embarrassed about being in the media spotlight," he admitted.

"It's not a decision I wanted to be in and I can guarantee you that I didn't call the media to be there.

"I've been trying to do it in my own teammates with respect for my teammates in mind.

"I've done nothing wrong and I've been reassured I didn't offend my teammates."


Not going anywhere in 2015

DCE insists he will see out the season at Manly despite rumours he may be shipped off to the Titans immediately.

"I'm quite amused to be honest. I don't know where that comes from," he smiled.

"Unless they want me gone I won't be going anywhere.

"I'll be honouring my contract this season."

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